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Waste Management Policy

Camping at Chiddinglye Estate


It is part of the human condition that we produce waste. For the most odious of waste, we will provide compost toilets. 😉


However, all other waste generated by our lovely campers will be their own personal responsibility. 


This policy serves two goals, it reduces ticket costs vastly and creates an extremely heightened awareness in all (adults & children) about how much waste we actually produce. Even in two days…


Please read, practice and respect the following:


  • You will be provided with three large, sturdy bin bags at check in. Two are clear for recycling. One for glass, one for mixed (cardboard, paper, tins, plastic). The third is for general waste. Extra bags are readily available from the management. 

  • Use them. For everything. If you get food from a vendor, you are responsible for the disposal of the containers & utensils. There will be no fly-infested, overflowing wheelie bin next to the vendor. You might want to bring a few carrier bags with you to the food vendors for this.

  • We will have sinks for hand washing with bio hand wash soap. We ask that you bring your own hand towels. Paper waste consumes enormous amounts of space and natural resources. 

  • Cigarette filters are waste too...

  • All these bags you have so diligently filled go off site with you. All of them. There will be no skips. 

  • Exceptions to this are our green travellers. Please show us your bike and/or train tickets at the end of the festival and we will be happy to take photos and your three full bags from you. 


This is how real camping works. One leaves a site exactly as one found it. The whole site. We are all in this together and one of our first responsibilities to Mother Nature is to clean up after ourselves. 


Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter. We trust you to do the right thing.  Our motto is ‘Leave No Trace’. 

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