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Wilder Together

Our vision is to see a wilder land for all.  We want to work together- with you!
With every part of society from home owners to farmers, companies, town planners, highway officers, councillors, vicars and children, school teachers – we came together for nature and became wilder by nature, restored by nature and create a Wilder Land together!
The aim is to pledge some of your land, garden, estate, window sill, life or resources to joining together to support nature and each other in recreating a landscape that is full of wildlife
With the Green recovery challenge and Governments new plans for sustainable farming there has never been a better time to work together to create a wilder future. Grants and support will no longer be dependent on EU rules but centred on support that rewards farmers and land managers for sustainable farming practices. Together we can help  each other by sharing experience and knowledge of systems that can help to make this a positive future for all, both for wildlife and the caretakers of the land.  Together we are stronger!
Although we have lost so much, it does not take long for nature to renew itself. We can not either wait for or rely on the slow mechanisms and bureaucratic wheels of government and its agencies to make the difference, its up to each one of us  to make the changes and support the wild right now.
Our intention is to inspire areas across the country to set up their own initiatives and together we support each other with skills, resources, education and business management to help support everyone who pledge, from families to farmers and caretakers of the land to find a sustainable, enjoyable and thriving natural habitat.  
In Sussex we would like to create a network of wilder lands connected to each other to support wildlife to have the space they need to survive.  To encourage estates, the national parks, and councils to create wild spaces and get on board. Imagine the areas being a haven for wildlife, creating a vibrant area for eco tourism and at the same time being able to partake in the magnificence of the natural world and all the benefits and resources that brings for all of society. 
As part of the longer term vision, we would like to buy parcels of land for nature restoration and wilding, 
under a stewardship  of a community interest initiative, where people and companies supporting the project can come and learn new skills, get involved in a hands on approach to nature restoration, so that together we actually have a grounded and direct relationship with the earth and wildlife.
We want to see a world where it is normal for our children and grandchildren to have an intimate relationship with the natural world. To walk through woodlands and know the name of trees, to spot butterflies, dragonflies, cuckoos and woodpeckers. To step out on a winters evening and see the incredible tapestry of starling murmurations, to see beavers and otters in our local rivers, to reimagine a woodland of wild deer, boar, bison and maybe even lynx.
This need not be a dream, but should and can become a reality if enough of us want it to happen. Governments listen to public opinion and if we want a. future that it not a desolate homogenised landscape devoid of anything wild and wonderful, but a landscape that is home to any number of native species, where we celebrate this wilder land, and become accustomed to a land that our ancestors would of loved and been familiar with on a daily level.
Together we can create a wilder, brighter future.



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