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Wild Sussex

An exciting and inspiring vision to support Sussex to become one of the wilder areas of England. To remember its natural roots and it's original namesake of Weald: (Anglo Saxon  name for Wild) by connecting it's wild spaces and rivers, to create wild refuges and habitats for wildlife to flourish.
By creating dialogue and support with The National Park, local residents, land owners, farmers, estates, artists, craftsmen and women, for all of us to work together for a wilder, more sustainable, wildlife friendly habitats. 

Inspiring Lewes to be the capital town for nature and wilding, lying at the heart of the South Downs national park, providing opportunities for a green wave of employment, wildlife and ecotourism with opportunities for a sustainable and inspiring future for everyone. To imagine and remember a time before desolate fields, where just small pockets of wildlife remain, but to dare to envision otters and beavers in our rivers, nightingales returning, glow worms and kites

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