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Aerial Forest


“We need to learn how to work with nature, rather than against it, we need to rewild our planet ”
 Sir David Attenborough



Wilderlands is a new project launched in 2020 to support nature at this critical time. All around the world we are losing our wildlife, natural habitats, our wild eco systems and natural resources at an unprecedented rate.

The populations of the UK’s most important wildlife have plummeted by an average of 60% since 1970, according to the most comprehensive analysis to date.The State of Nature report also found that losses to all animals, plants and marine life show no sign of letting up, despite some successes in protecting individual species. It found that 41% of species have decreased in abundance. A quarter of UK mammals and nearly half of the birds assessed are at risk of extinction. 

We become accustomed to seeing vast swathes of barren landscapes, devoid of species, far from what our ancestors would have appreciated and even further from its full potential. This has become our new normal.

Nature is our greatest resource and it is up to us to protect what we truly love. Whilst we would hope that government agencies have nature's best interests at heart, we cannot wait for the slow mechanisms of these systems to make the changes nature needs. Our intention is to create a grass roots movement of change, empowering us all to create a wilder land for all beings. We no longer have time to wait and see, the time for action is now!

"Nature reserves are becoming natural art installations, It’s just like looking at your favourite Constable or Rothko. We go there, muse over it, and feel good because we’ve seen a bittern or some avocets or orchids. But on the journey home there’s nothing – only wood pigeons and non-native pheasants and dead badgers on the side of the road" (Chris Packham)

Let's imagine what this land could become, together as custodians of this island. All of us can contribute - across farming estates, industrial estates, housing estates, schools, gardens, allotments, churchyards, and everywhere else - to make a pledge for a wilder nature.

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