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Dear Wildlings, 


We have held off sending these guidelines until the last minute, waiting for further policy guidance from the government. This has not yet arrived, so this is how we are currently planning to stay Covid safe.


For you, our guest, this site abides by the measures distributed by Public Health England, and they are similar to those in other places welcoming the public such as pub, cafes and camping sites. This means we are using the government's Test and Trace scheme.


Please either scan our Test and Trace barcode on a smartphone using the NHS Covid-19 App, or leave written contact information. 


If you leave written information, the law obliges us to keep it for 21 days, but no longer than that. It is only given to the government if requested for the purpose of securing public health. 


Until the government's Step 4 out of lockdown arrives, all our greeters and check-in staff in our car park will wear face-coverings. 


We ask that you also wear a covering, unless you are exempt, at reception when processing your tickets until you pass through the main gate of the camping/activities area. 


There will be hand-sanitizers at our check-in desk and a hand-washing sink immediately to your left upon entering the camping field. 

On Site

If you are willing, please leave your Bluetooth on, so proximity detection works.


Please abide by the usual Covid safety measures, including frequent hand washing.


You are the best person to judge your Covid security when near other people. You are at far less risk of contracting the virus when out of doors in the fresh air than when you are in a confined space.


Face coverings are not required when in a group outside, but no-one should question you if you wear a mask when frequently within 1 metre of another person who is not part of your household group or support bubble. 


Regarding making your own decision about outdoor safety, or inside within the "rule of six", the government says: "It will remain important for people to consider the risks for themselves, taking into account whether they, and those they meet, have been vaccinated or are at greater risk."


Groups of up to 30 people can gather outside. This means all workshops will be limited to 30 people. There will be multiple workshops running at the same time, so plenty of space. There will be four shared fires: two of them with music, a quiet fire and a storytelling fire.


In enclosed spaces (where more than 50% of the walls are closed), the maximum number who may gather together  is six from up to two households or support bubbles. We will be leaving the sides off our large yurts and stretch tent, plus we have similarly-covered workshops.


Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and patience. 

In Brief

  • Keep things clean, especially your hands.

  • Gatherings outside of up to 30 are allowed, or up to six from up to two households inside.

  • Think about safety when getting very close (less than 1m) to other people outside your group.

  • Leave your Test and Trace app running, and your Bluetooth on, if you are comfortable doing so and your phone allows this.

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