Resting  in our true nature in nature…
letting nature show the way”



Dzogchen summer retreat with James Low


A 4 day summer retreat in the beautiful grounds of Chiddinglye estate 

near Forest Row, Sussex. August 12 - 15th

The movement of our minds often leads to disturbance in the environment around us and likewise the disturbance in our environment provokes thoughts, feelings and many hopes and fears.


Given the ever increasing rate of change it can be useful to find a space of clarity and equanimity which allows us to participate in the world with minimal judgment and reactivity. We will look at how a non dual understanding can help with this. 

We all see how unnecessary interference in the environment, even when done with good intentions, can create terrible problems. When we start to make friends with our own minds we are faced with the consequences of the unnecessary pressures and driving beliefs we have been caught up in. Nature can heal itself if given a chance…meditation is the way we can offer this healing to our minds.


The retreat will also offer Tai Chi and beautiful music.

The price includes camping, teachings & music.  


This is a beautiful summer retreat potentially of benefit to anyone.

  A true treasure in this fleeting life.  This is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the endless distractions of life and simply be at ease, 

relaxed and present .




You can book tickets here:

If for any reason you can't afford to come along, please send us an email

and we can see a way to make it possible.  These retreats can be so

beneficial they should be available to everyone, no matter.

Email us here



You can bring your own tent or hire a lovely tent from Brighton Bell tents


You can also hire a woodland cabin and luxury tents from The enchanted Glade on site.


We will have some nice accommodation pods which can be shared with bathrooms, power etc. More details on them later as they won’t be ready until June. Let us know if you are interested in these.


Directions are here, if you want to book an air B&B near the site:


There will be organic vegetarian food available or you can bring your own, or do both.


More info on the weekends here:


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