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Wild Retreats

We are not just passionate about rewilding nature, but also creating opportunities to rewild our mind and heart. To retreat, is to take some time out in nature, away from screens, from the hustle and bustle of every day life, away from the constant need to 'do' and just have the opportune its to drop everything, our ideas, our beliefs, ideas and concepts and simply be with what is. 
In the Dzogchen tradition from Tibet, our natural state, when left as it is, is called our "True Nature". And with that intention in mind we host retreats that can take us back  to our true nature, which so often gets caught up in the distractions of every day life.
By resting in our primordial presence we get the chance to see clearly where we are in life, what our unique offerings are, how we can give something back to this natural world, so we can play our part protecting and rewilding  both ourselves and the world in union.
In 2021 we have two retreats. One in mid August, our annual Summer Retreat with James Low.
"Resting  in our true nature in nature…letting nature show the way”
And the other at Alladale estate in the Highlands at the end of September in one of,
if not the most remote cottage in Britain.
More Details coming soon. 
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