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This summer we will be hosting a whole summer of wonderful wild weekends working together with hugely inspiring people who love nature. These include people working in the field of nature recovery, conservationists, farmers, writers, artists, poets, musicians, activists and more.


This is an opportunity to explore the land and forest, spending time with our wild community of highland cattle, owls, deer, kingfishers, ravens, owls and many more. 


There will be an opportunity to learn skills such as rewilding, fire making, den building, tracking, bird, tree, plant identification, bird language, natural navigation, archery, wood carving,  blacksmithing, flint knapping, astronomy and star gazing,  


And workshops such as Yoga, relaxation and meditation, creative writing, wild arts, foraging,

wild cooking with campfire music, myth making and storytelling.

With the option of camping, glamping and delicious organic food.


See some of the guest speakers 



With Derek Gow

Derek Gow is a farmer, nature conservationist and the author of Bringing Back the Beaver.  Derek has played a significant role in the reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver, the water vole and the white stork in England. He is currently working on a reintroduction project for the wildcat and a book on our lost wolves


Jay Griffiths

Award winning author of more than 6 books including 

Wild: An Elemental Journey 

Wildtook seven years to research and write. It is an evocation of the songlines of the earth, the result of long journeys among indigenous cultures, including staying with Amazonian shamans and Inuit people, visiting sea gypsies and staying with the freedom fighters of West Papua. It explores the words and meanings which shape ideas of wildness, arguing that wildness is intrinsic to the health of the human spirit. It is about necessary nomadism and the truant heart


Beth Collier

Beth CollierI am a Nature Allied Psychotherapist (M.A., MBACP) and Ethnographer who teaches natural history and woodland living skills. My work explores relationships with people and with nature. In 2013 she Founded

 Wild in the City, an organisation supporting the well-being of urban residents offering experiences in woodland living skills, natural history and ecotherapy; using the skills of our ancestors to nurture a deeper connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging to communities past and present. 

Paul Jepson 

Paul Jepson is a conservation scientist, educator and practitioner. He is co-author of ‘Rewilding: the radical new science of ecological recovery’ and ‘Conservation: a beginner’s guide’. He has written more than 80 research papers and numerous popular articles on conservation policy and regularly contributes to TV documentaries and radio.

As an academic he directed MSc programmes in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management and Nature, Society & Environmental Policy at the University of Oxford. Together with teaching, he conducted research on protected areas, wildlife trade and rewilding in Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Europe and co-founded the field of conservation culturomics.


With delicious food, foraging, nature walks, Natural fire making storytelling and music from Folkadelix,

 more speakers and events tbc...

July 14 - 16

Called by the Wild

July 21-23

Wild Art & Wild Words

AUG 4 -6

Radical Dzogchen

with Keith Dowman

Aug 11-13

Wild Sussex

Aug 15-17



SEPT 21 -23

Wild Equinox retreat


The programme is constantly evolving and we will update it as we go along.

The activities mentioned are a guideline and there may be some changes.

 If you want to change your weekend as the programme evolves,

that should be possible, provided there is space.

Each weekend will have a mix of offerings some are only for adults

and family weekends are open for kids too.  

There are Showers, BBQ facilities and Firepits.




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