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                Wilderlands   Farm

Wilderlands is 20 acres of 5 medieval meadows, collaborating with our partners as custodians of 213 acres of ancient forest and another 44 acres of wild meadows in Sussex near Fletching. Bringing together 277 acres for nature and wildlife. 
We are one of the UK's newest farms and our is aim to create a haven for biodiversity in all its forms. 
 Our focus in the meadows is regenerative farming alongside planting orchards, building ponds, restoring scrub, reinstating traditional hedgerows, letting wild flower meadows return, and creating a forest garden. This project is becoming a home for highland cattle, pigs, rare beed chickens and ducks who will enjoy a mix of meadow and forest grazing.
The ancient woodland has varied habitats, including tributaries of the River Ouse, small streams and old ponds, with many different tree species. The woodland is home to traditional master craftsman, Hope Springs Chairs. Our hope is that we can reintroduce Beavers a keystone species that can have the capacity to create immense positive change and biodiverse habitats.
We are working in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to guide nature recovery, and tree planting with The Woodland Trust and Forest Without Frontiers
Wilderlands is part of the Weald to Waves network. Working to establish a nature recovery corridor from the High Weald to the Sussex coasts. Creating a network of over 20,000 acres of contiguous habitat across a currently fragmented landscape. Joining together farmers, land managers, councils, charities, researchers, community groups, gardeners, and schools. 
We hope that this vision can support local communities with creative projects, such as The Childrens Forest ​working with local schools to plant community orchards. . Whether its learning difficulties or mental health, access to nature or traditional crafts, we hope that providing opportunities through bushcraft, the arts, gardening,  nature connection and therapy to support people from all walks of life, we can add value, support local business and crafts, so we can become a little wilder together.
The land is already a home for nesting ravens, red kites, buzzards, kingfishers, tawny owls and many more species. We are currently organising surveys for species identification. We hope to see the return of nightingales, turtle doves, glow worms, and potentially pine martens and red squirrels.
It is our hope that Wilderlands Farm becomes a haven for vast species of wildlife,
showing the wonder of the natural world.
If you have skills to offer or think you could become part of this vision, do get in touch. 
You can contact us via the contact page here, where you can also sign up to our mailing list. Alternatively, you can email to

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