Wilder Land  Projects

Wilder lands is a new project to encourage each other to support nature at this critical time. All around the world we are losing our wildlife, natural habitats, our wild eco systems and natural resources  at an unprecedented rate. We want to support people to reclaim their wild heritage and become better connected,  nature  supportive communities,  that enrich all lives.

One of the best ways to protect wildlife and create havens of rewilding is to buy land. As part of this project it is our vision, that together we buy land, owned and protected by each person that donates either financially or through their time, or hopefully both. Part of rewilding's ethos is to let nature get on with what the knows best. A helping hand in the beginning may be useful, establishing a plan and then watching as nature starts to thrive. it is our hope the Wilderlands become havens for wildlife and for us all to enjoy and embrace the wonder of the natural world. 


As part of this we are in the early stages of setting up a project with Alan Watson Featherstone  the Founder of Trees for life ​ to start regenerating and rewilding part of the original Celtic Rainforest plus set up a Wilderlands rewilding centre.  A place of retreat, of education, of community, story, sharing and connection. This will also owned as a community interest, that community being the very wildlife itself as well as us humans that want to connect deeper with nature.


We are also looking right now at setting up a small project on The South Downs, starting to rewild a hidden valley, to show what the South Downs could look like, when they are not over managed. As Knepp estate has shown, there is so much potential in nature when we stop trying to control and tidy up everything,.


 Our lives move so fast, with always something to do, here the invitation is to leave the stress and hassle of everyday life behind and relax into nature, to recharge and look at the deep contours of our lives and find ways to live in alignment with our wildest dreaming. 


Here is an invitation to create a centre for rewilding our hearts, a place of deep connection with nature, a place to be at ease and in connection with our greatest resource, in a wild beautiful place. 


We want to create a  place to truly rest the body and mind in the splendour of the natural world, remembering that the greatest gift, the greatest miracle, is simply the wonder of life itself. 

So we are going to attempt the impossible and make this vision a reality not just for our lifetime but for generations to come, a true place of wonder, for the benefit of all beings, not just humans!

We are in the process of  outlining this vision with a Wilderlands fund, where we can invest in the our greatest asset, not just for our lives but also for future generations.

We have just set up a go fund me to kickstart the campaign, you can donate here